Both teams to score tips: The Complete Guide [Chapter 4]

Both Teams To Score

Are you betting on both teams to score but not satisfied with your results?

In this chapter, you will learn a proven system to get steady profits finally!

BTTS is short for ‘Both Teams To Score’ and this is one of the most popular betting options that bookmakers offer these days.

You might also know it under the name ‘Goals Galore’ but with both the key fact is that both teams in the game score a goal.

One of the bonuses of this type of bet is that it can supply a quick win if there are early goals in a match.

Also, it can be a good bet for gamblers who like a bet that could last the whole match.

There are always some decent odds to be found in this kind of bet even in the most potentially exciting matches.

So what considerations do you need to make when placing a bet on both teams to score in a given match?

Using The Both Teams to Score Stats (BTTS Stats) Formula to Figure Out The Both Teams to Score Form of Any Team

The idea of both teams to score form is based on the both teams to score stats formula, which provide very strong selections.

This cuts out all those long hours that can be spent trying to discover key stats.

The stats that are important are associated with recent form (the last six matches), home and away trends (the last six home and away games) and also pays attention to important head to head records.

Home Team Last 6 (%) = Last 6 matches of the home team (Home and Away).

Home Team Last 6 at Home (%) = Last 6 matches of the home team at home.

Away Team Last 6 (%) = Last 6 matches of the away team (Home and Away).

Away Team Last 6 Away (%) = Last 6 matches of the away team when playing away.

Number of H2H in League = Number of head to head matches from the past 5 seasons.

Goals Market H2H (%) = Percentage of that outcome in the head to head meeting from the past 5 seasons.

Average = The average of the first 4 components and H2H stats.

I’ve been using this ‘Both teams to score formula’ for several years in my personal betting.

Once I’ve identified the strongest stats, I can then swiftly calculate probabilities and then compare them with the available odds.

Then I can find selections for the both teams to score stats formula.

The both teams to score stats that I focus on, give me a good indication of how a team plays (recent matches plus H2H) and allows me to short list matches for further analysis and selections.

My target is to look for matches, where the “Average” and “BTTS H2H” are 50% and above and both teams have played each other at least 6 times in league matches recently:

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Take a look at the above table, those selections have been sorted by the highest averages (%) and represent statistically the highest chance selections.

Next you need to compare the odds showed in the table to the calculated chance

This enables us to determine the value that they have.

Let´s take for example the odds for the match Mallorca Vs Lugo:

Now you have to make the following calculations.

Average of Mallorca Vs Lugo = 69.17%

You can use that number for a very basic odds prediction using the following formula:

Odds Prediction = 1 / Average (%)

Meaning: 1 / 69.17% = 1.45

Or you could roughly calculate the chances that bookies are giving on the BTTS market, simply by dividing 1 by the odds:

1 / 2 x 100 = 50%

The odds that Bet365 offer for this result are 2.00 which would represent a value bet.


This statistical method of calculating both teams to score form excludes any extra factors such as team news, morale, weather, circumstances etc.

Bookies will be including those when calculating their odds.

The statistical analysis (e.g. past performances) is a fundamental analysis in football betting.

By quickly identifying the best selections (e.g. using the btts stats), this allows more time to be spent on other factors.

This will help to narrow down a list of your best selections.

But you´re probably wondering:

“How do I find the best matches to bet on both teams to score in less than a minute?”

Well, I´m going to make it easy for you.

All you need to do is take a look every day at the table below:

Both Teams To Score Tips For Today (23/10/2017)

Note: You´ll see me also applying this “Formula” for the other important goals markets that I explain in the chapters 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 because it has the same validity. 

Best Ways Of Using The Both Teams To Score Tips:

Singles: Placing single bets to level stakes.

Doubles: Combining the best selections into pairs to boost the odds.

Accumulators: Using the selections in larger coupons.

Each week is different so there will be good and bad ones.

Using the BTTS stats can really help you and deliver some excellent results.


Betting on both teams to score or not to score is one of the most popular bets out there at present.

If you carry out the right amount of research then you could win some good amounts with this kind of bet.

Just make sure you check out form, tactics and team news before making your final decision.