How to bet on ante post football betting

Ante Post Football BettingAnte Post football betting involves placing bets on events that won’t be decided for weeks, months or even years ahead. For example, as soon as one football season ends, the ante post betting on the next season will begin. That means you could be placing a bet in April, the result of which won’t be determined until twelve months ahead. There are usually some very competitive odds available with ante post betting on football.

Popular Ante Post Markets

There are several markets available ranging from who will win the league to who will be the top goal scorer. You can bet on teams to win promotion or be relegated next season. There are also match bets that pit one team against another.

Betting on which team will win the league next season is the most popular ante post football bet It’s not easy to gauge just who will win the league though basically due to the transfer market. As soon as one season ends then the transfer window opens and doesn’t close until the end of August.

Imagine it’s the end of the 2013-14 season and Manchester City has just won the Premier League. Immediately odds are produced about who will win the 2014-15 season and you decide to place a bet on Chelsea winning the league.

The next few weeks would have proved very interesting indeed. Chelsea went out and signed Fabregas and Costa and greatly strengthened their team. That bet you’ve already placed on Chelsea to win the 2014-15 Premier League looks a lot better now and the odds you will have taken will be higher than the odds they are after those signings.

But what if you had decided to put a bet on Manchester City to win the Premier League next season?  The odds you would have taken would have lengthened because of those Chelsea signings.

Placing ante-post bets on football is a bit like betting on a soap opera. It’s an ongoing story with players being signed and others leaving. The same happens with managers and the odds available will continue to fluctuate.

When you do place a bet on the following season, you need to do some research. Take a look at how the side did last season and try to predict how that will be addressed for the coming season. Manchester United for example had a terrible 2013-14 season so appointed a new manager and spent a fortune (not even a small fortune) during the transfer window.

Take a look at how teams did in the second half of the previous season. This can help you judge how a team might do next season. You could spot a team that might be relegated next season or a team that will improve and could be a good each-way value bet.

For example, were they showing improved form that bodes well for the coming season?  Did they have a bad spell in the second half of the season and might continue that in the new season?  Were there teams who had injury problems last season but now have those missing players back and could prove a value bet for the next season, especially if they go out and sign some more top players?

Top Scorer

Odds on which player will be top scorer next season are also available. Again the transfer window can make this a very fluctuating bet to make.

It’s the end of the season and you decide to put a bet on Robin Van Persie to be top scorer next season.  Then all of a sudden after you’ve placed your bet, Chelsea goes and signs Diego Costa who scored plenty of goals in La Liga. That signing totally shakes up the ante post market and your bet may not be as good as it looked the day before Costa arrived in the Premier League.  Just imagine what would happen if Manchester United then went out and re-signed Cristiano Ronaldo or somehow got their hands on Lionel Messi.

Then again it’s possible that teams can lose their top strikers. The ante post betting market for top scorer would have changed greatly when Gareth Bale left Spurs. If you’d placed a bet on him to be top scorer then your bet would have been lost, that’s the gamble you take with ante post betting. But if you’d placed a bet on another top striker to be top scorer, you would have found yourself with a player at much better odds than they are after Bale is out of the running.

It’s not just transfers that affect the ante post betting market. You might decide to place a bet on Millner to be top scorer but how many games will he play for Manchester City in the coming season?  The arrival of squad rotation makes betting on the top goal scorer a more difficult bet.

Also consider the possibility of injuries. Some players can go through a season without getting injury and then you have Andy Carroll.  He’s always getting injured so a bet on him to be top scorer isn’t a great idea.

Take a look at who is the penalty taker for their club. That can add several goals over a season.

Handicap Betting

This is a possibly profitable bet but also a very difficult one to work out. In this bet all the teams in the league have the same odds and this can be a very tempting 16-1.  So how does it work?

Let’s take a look at the handicap ante post betting available for the coming Premier League season.  The bookmakers believe that Chelsea are the favourites to win so they are given a figure of +0. The less chance other teams have of winning the league, the higher their handicap will be. For example, Manchester United may have a handicap of +10. This means that ten points will be added on to their final points total.

At the end of the season you take each side’s points total and add on the handicap figure given to them.  For example, if Chelsea ended up on 83 points and Manchester United had 75 points,  Chelsea would stay on 83 (handicap +0) but United would have 85 points (handicap +10).

A team that isn’t fancied much at the start of the season but has a great season will do very well in this kind of bet.  A handicap bet on a team like Southampton or West Ham would be doing very well in the 2014-15 season as they definitely weren’t expected to be challenging for Champions League places. Surprise teams really make this a very difficult bet to make.

Odds Comparison

There are so many bookmakers and so many different ante post markets. You should always be looking for value so go to an odds comparison site. There you can find out which site has the best odds for the team you wish to place a bet on.

Ante Post Trades

The ante post football markets remain open throughout the entire season. This will give you the chance to rescue some of the money you have placed or try and get even more profit.

You might decide to bet on Wycombe winning League Two and you take odds of 40-1 You place €20 on them and if they win you’ll make a €800 profit. They go on to do really well and by February their odds are down to 4-1. You can decide to lay them at 4-1 for €25 and that bet is matched.

If Wycombe go on to win the league your initial bet wins and €20 becomes €820 but you lose €100 (25×4) because Wycombe won the league – by laying them you say they wouldn’t win. But you still have a very handy profit.

However if Wycombe fail to win the league, your initial €20 bet goes down but your second bet wins €25 so you end up with a small profit of €5.

It may be that during the season a team has an easy looking run of games coming up. You can trade out for profit when they suddenly climb the table. Or you could lay teams who have a difficult set of fixtures on the horizon. Choosing which market to do this in is important. A good run might not affect who will win the league but it may affect betting on who will be promoted or make it into the play-offs.

Ante Post Spread Betting

Many of the same markets are available for spread betting opportunities. The more you are right, the more you win and the more you are wrong then the more will be lost.

For example, the ante post spread market for the coming season has Manchester City finishing on 82-84 points. You can buy that spread at €10 a point and your bet will be at the higher spread of 84 points.  If City end up on 90 points then because, as you predicted, they got a higher points total your bet is a winner. You win €60 (90 actual points – 84 higher spread x €10 stake). If City had a disappointing season and only achieved 78 points, you would lose €60 (84 points higher spread – 78 actual points x €10 stake). With buying the advantage is that you know your maximum loss.

What if you decide to sell rather than buy?  Say you decide to sell Manchester City at that spread of 82-84 points at €10 a point. Your bet is at the lower spread of 82 points. They end the season on 80 points so you win €20 (82 lower spread – 80 actual points x €10 stake). If they do better than you thought they would and finish on 88 points, you lose €60 (88 actual points – 82 lower spread x €10 stake).

You do know the maximum you can lose in this bet because the most points City can get is 114.  But if you bet on the number of goals a side scores in a season then you could end up with substantial losses.


There are some great profits to be made with ante post football betting. Some teams will be available at good odds and achieve much better results than expected. Each way bets can be a good idea but remember to do your research with this bet.

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