Both Teams To Score Tips [Chapter 4]

If what you’re after right now is solid tips for the Both Teams to Score (BTTS) market then read on.

In this chapter, you will learn:

BTTS (Both Teams to Score) is one of the most active football betting markets available from bookmakers today.

Bookmakers may use an alternative name, such as ‘Goals Galore’, but the objective is the same: both teams must score (at least) one goal each during the match.

One advantage of BTTS is that a result can come quickly if a match produces early goals.

On the other hand, a result may not be decided until the final second of the game.

This betting option always offers the chance of finding some decent odds, even among play from the most exciting teams.

So what information do you need to consider before making a BTTS bet on a match?

The best combination is to look for recent match records and current form:

How I Combine BTTS Stats And BTTS Form To Get BTTS Tips With High Probability

Together these statistics give very strong team and match insights that include recent form (last 6 matches), home and away trends (last 6 home and away matches), and also past head-to-head records.

Home Team Last 6 (%) = Last 6 matches of the home team (Home and Away).

Home Team Last 6 at Home (%) = Last 6 matches of the home team at home.

Away Team Last 6 (%) = Last 6 matches of the away team (Home and Away).

Away Team Last 6 Away (%) = Last 6 matches of the away team when playing away.

Both teams to score H2H (%) = Percentage of both teams scoring in their last 6 head-to-head meetings.

Average = The average of the first 4 components and H2H stats.

This combination of stats has proved itself to be a winning formula.

The process to follow is to calculate from the stats which teams have the strongest claims.

The stats indicated above (recent matches plus H2H) give a good sign of how a team performs and will enable you to make a short list for more analysis.

The aim is to identify teams that show at least 6 recent “H2H”matches.

Their “Average” performance and their “BTTS H2H” must be 50% or more.


Remember that using statistics and recent form to estimate outcomes and best odds doesn’t include more immediate factors such as:

  • Injuries and suspensions of key players (Top scorer, first goalkeeper…)
  • Team spirit
  • Club circumstances
  • Weather conditions

Bookmaker odds will include these factors.

Studying statistics, or past match performance, is a basic and essential requirement for football betting analysis.

It enables the sound selection or elimination of suitable betting prospects so that further analysis can then be performed.

But researching data does take time.

And you’d probably like to know how to get the best BTTS selections with as little effort as possible.

Well, now it has become really easy.

All you need do is follow this Tips for Today table for DAILY updates of the best BTTS selections.

What could be simpler than that?

Both Teams To Score Tips For Today 

New both teams to score system coming soon!


You´ll see me also applying this “Formula” for the other important goals markets that I explain in the chapters 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 because it has the same validity. 

Best Ways of Using the Both Teams To Score Tips:

Singles: Place single bets to level stakes.

Doubles: Pair the best selections to boost odds.

Accumulators: Place several selections in bigger coupons.

Betting is all about uncertainty, so among the good weeks there will be bad weeks too.

But these daily BTTS tips, based on the stats described above, are certain to enhance your match analysis and deliver you many rewarding results.

And that’s not all…

Multiplying Odds By Using Alternative Both Teams To Score Results

Using this method of playing BTTS can enhance your profits even further.

Although the both teams to score odds are already priced at 1.80 or higher, by following this strategy for betting with BTTS you can multiply your results.

The method:

  • Odds for both teams must be 2 or above
  • Bet on a 1-1 score at over 7.00
  • Bet on Over 2.5 goals at 1.9 – 2.10

The stakes you choose will depend on the odds.

This strategy benefits from 1-1 being the minimum score needed for a BTTS win and the fact that 1-1 is one of the commonest football match results.

You will need to conduct some research before placing bets.

Look for matches with evenly placed teams where odds are priced at 2.0 or above for both sides.

Example: Newcastle vs West Ham

both teams to score odds

Newcastle 2.38

Draw 3.45

West Ham 3.35


Back 1-1 at 7.4 for €5

both teams to score correct score

Back Over 2.5 goals at 2.02 for €10

both teams to score over 2.5 goals


This combination gives you several options including cashing out in-play for a profit:

  • Cash out when the score is 1-1 and allow the Over 2.5 goals bet to run or cash it out/leave it for a free bet
  • At a 1-1 score, leave the 1-1 and Over 2.5 goals as bets (to guarantee one winner)

This value method can still deliver a profit, even when only one team manages to score.

Furthermore, if plans go wrong one team might lose heavily 3-0 or above, which still delivers you a profit.

What happened in the example match?

At HT the score was 1-0, at the 72nd minute it was 2-0, and at the 86th minute Newcastle scored the final goal to win 3-0.

both teams to score match


With the match score of over 2.5 goals, the profit earned was about €5.

You could, of course, adjust your stakes; or maybe delay 10-15 minutes for better odds on Over 2.5 goals.

This is what value betting is about: doing the maths to maximise profits!

And if the match had ended at 1-1?

Then earnings would have been around €20.

But if the score reaches 1-1, it is strongly recommended to cash out as soon as you reach the minute 75 and not wait until the end of the match.

This way you don’t lose a winning bet.

The reasoning is that odds during this period would be around 2.0 or less (depending on the match).

By cashing out you get profits of about €10 and reserve a free bet for over 2.5 goals.


Betting on Both Teams to Score is one of the heaviest followed markets at present, giving you plenty of choice.

As long as you do your research you can win handsomely with BTTS.

But always remember to check out team form, tactics, and latest news before making your selections.

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