Both Teams To Score Tips [Chapter 4]

If what you’re after right now is the best bookmakers, systems and strategies to bet on the Both Teams to Score (BTTS) market then read on.

In this chapter, you will learn:

BTTS (Both Teams to Score) is one of the most active football betting markets available from bookmakers today.

Bookmakers may use an alternative name, such as ‘Goals Galore’, but the objective is the same: both teams must score (at least) one goal each during the match.

One advantage of BTTS is that a result can come quickly if a match produces early goals.

On the other hand, a result may not be decided until the final second of the game.

This betting option always offers the chance of finding some decent odds, even among play from the most exciting teams.

So what information do you need to consider before making a Both Teams To Score bet on a match?

Choose the best bookmakers to bet on ‘Both Teams to Score’ markets


When it comes to betting on popular markets (liquid markets), like ‘Both Teams to Score’, there is one bookmaker that stands out from the crowd and that is Pinnacle.


Because according to “ (a trustworthy odds camparison site)”, Pinnacle offer the second best average payout, in other words, the best odds for your football bets.

pinnacle odds


And if that weren’t enough, Pinnacle is the only bookmaker that officially promotes a “High limits and a unique winners’ welcome policy”.

pinnacle policy

This means that they won’t limit you, discriminate against you or close your account if you are a successful player.

So, give it a go by clicking in the banner below.

However, what if the use of Pinnacle is restricted by your location/country?

Well, in this event, don’t worry or feel you might miss out as there are two great alternatives.


Betvictor is the bookmaker that operates closest to the Pinnacle’s philosophy.

On one hand and according to the following authoritative sites, BetVictor is the bookmaker that more often offers the best football betting odds:


oddschecker betvictor


betting expert betvictor



olbg betvictor


cheekypunter betvictor

On the other hand, according to another trustworthy site such as “”, BetVictor have a reputation of not limiting players’ accounts when they have a winning run.

bettingaffiliateprograms betvictor

Therefore, is a similar philosophy to the Pinnacle’s “High limits and a unique winners’ welcome policy” although they don’t promote this officially on their website as Pinnacle do.

You can create an account at Bevictor by clicking in the banner below.

In the event that Betvictor is also restricted by your location/country, a safe bet will definitely be William Hill.

William Hill

Apart from being pioneers of the sports betting industry (founded in 1934) they are one of the bookmakers that operates in more countries throughout the world, including Australia, a country with a strong tradition of sports betting but which allows very few bookmakers to operate in its territory.

Another incentive of William Hill is that they are the top dog of the football betting world when it comes to the number of markets, offering often around 250 markets in total for a popular Premier League game, according to

Pro tip:

When betting at William Hill, I strongly recommend you focus on markets such as 1X2, ‘Both Teams to Score’ or over/under goals of the top European leagues’ popular matches, meaning the markets with more liquidity.


Because if you bet on low liquidity matches your William Hill account may be limited.

You can learn more about bookmakers limiting accounts in the Start Here guide.

To create an account at William Hill, just click in the banner below.

Now, I’m going to show you how to identify the best matches to bet on ‘Both Teams to Score’ by using two very different approaches.

  • Amateur approach
  • Professional approach

Amateur Approach

In this approach you need to follow the 2 steps below.

  1. Identify the best matches to bet on ‘Both Teams to Score
  2. Verify that both teams have their top 3 scorers and assistants available
  3. Verify that the match is priced at least at 1.8 in the both teams to score market

Who this approach is for?

Gamblers who just want to bet for fun using small amounts of money.

Expected income:

The main goal of this approach is to avoid losing money and making small profits in the long term.

Time it takes to pick the matches:

Around two hours per day.

Data sample:

All the matches of the home team at home and the away team away in the current season, and the last 6 head to head.

Key players’ injuries and suspensions check:


Yield info:

Not available.



The amateur approach gives good team and match insights that include recent form, home and away trends, and also past head-to-head records.

The process to follow is to identify which teams have the strongest performance in the ‘Both Teams to Score’ market.

So let’s get to work

Step 1

Go to and click on “Leagues”.

soccerstats leagues

There, you will see all the leagues in world football.

soccerstats leagues table

Next, add to an Excel sheet all the leagues that have at least a 50% of ‘Both Teams to Score’ (“BTS” in grey) results with no less than 60 matches played (“Pld” in green).

BTTS qualifying leagues

Once you have added the leagues that meet these requirements, create both a “Home” and “Away” column within each league.

Now it’s time to check the leagues one by one to identify who are the home and away teams that produce more ‘Both Teams to Score’ results.

For example, let’s take the Italian Serie B which has 61% of BTTS at the time of writing this chapter (27/12/2018).

italian serie b btts

Click on the Italian Serie B flag.

soccerstats italian serie b

Click on “Goals”.

italian serie b goals

Click on “Home”.

italian serie b goals home away

Then, add all the teams which their matches produce a 55% and above of ‘Both Teams to Score’ results in the “Home” column of the Italian Serie B.

italian serie b btts home teams

Do the same with the away teams.

italian serie b btts away teams

Next, create a new column within the Belgium Jupiler League League called “Game Week”.

There you will add only the matches that in the next game week, both the home team and the away team have 55% and above ‘Both Teams to Score’ results.

Step 2

When it comes to betting on ‘Both Teams to Score’, you will win as long as both teams score.

Therefore, it is essential that both teams’ attacks are at 100%.

Go to, type the home team’s name (in this example Cosenza) in the search box and press ‘Enter’.

transfermarkt search box

Next, click on “Cosenza Calcio (Serie B)”.

transfermarkt cosenza

Go to the “Squad” drop down menu and click on “Stats”.

transfermarkt stats

Now, click on the “Detailed” tab.

transfermarkt detailed

There, arrange both the “Tore (goals)” and “Assists” columns in order from highest to lowest to check who are the top three scorers and assistants.

Tore (Goals) column

cosenza top scorers

Assists column

cosenza top assistants

Write them down in an Excel sheet.

Repeat the same process explained above with the away team (in this example, Salernitana).

salernitana top scorers

salernitana top assistants

Finally, open the ‘Flash Score’ app and select the match.

Click on “Lineups” one hour before the kick off and verify if any of these top three scorers and assistants are missing from both the lineup or among the substitutes (on the bench).

As you can see in the screenshot below, the top three scorers and assistants of both teams are available for this match.

flashscore starting lineups

flashscore substitutes


Remember that most of the ‘Both Teams to Score’ tips that you will find on the internet don’t include the factors of injuries and suspensions of key players.

Bookmakers’ odds will include these factors.

Step 3

As the main goal of this approach is to avoid losing money, I strongly recommend you bet on qualifying matches priced at 1.8 and above.


The reason is simple.

To figure out what must the minimum odds be for any system to be profitable in the long term, you just have to calculate 100/success rate.

This approach looks for a success rate of 55% and above, therefore dividing 100/55 = 1.8.

Let’s see if the qualifying match meets the last requirement.

btts minimum odds



Therefore, this is a very interesting match to bet on ‘Both Teams to Score’.

Professional Approach: Making The Most Of ´Both Teams To Score´ 

Who this approach is for? 

Gamblers who see football betting as an investment.

Expected income:

The main goal of this approach is make a steady income, either part time or full time, which will depend on how willing you are to master Betpractice (In Chapter 3, I’ve created an in-depth tutorial about Betpractice for you).

Time it takes to create the system:

Around 1 hour for the whole season.

Sample data:

All league matches since 2014.

Key players’ injuries and suspensions check:

No needed.

Yield info:



€25/month | €95/6 months | €150/1 year

For the professional approach I will use Betpractice, software that allows you to calculate the profitability of football betting markets.

Click the banner below to learn more.

Betpractice analyses the results and odds that the bookmakers set for every result and in every market, identifying where the value is (which are not betting predictions but valuation of the bookmaker’s odds price).

This way, Betpractice shows the information that the customer requests, indicating where placing bets is profitable and where placing bets is literally throwing your money down the drain.

That said, below you will see how Betpractice can provide you a solid and reliable ‘Both Teams to Score’ system.

If you’ve ever read the Pinnacle’s blog, which is really good (if you haven’t I strongly recommend it), you will know that in many articles, their authors (normally mathematicians) create betting systems.

In order to create these systems, these have been seriously time consuming because unfortunately they didn’t have Betpractice at that time, since their studies started way before Betpractice was launched.

So, I’m going to show you how to create a profitable ‘Both Teams to Score’ system choosing only the most profitable leagues when it comes to the ‘Both Teams to Score’ market.

Careful, I’m not saying where more times the ‘Both Teams to Score’ result occurs but where is more profitable.

Simple, where the bookmakers set the necessary odds so that betting on ‘Both Teams to Score’ is profitable in the long term and you are not throwing your money down the drain.

When creating the ‘Both Teams to Score’ system with “System Hunter”, you will see me improving it step by step.

This way you will learn how to create a solid system.

First, log in at and click on “System Hunter”.

betpractice system hunter BTTS

There, move your cursor over the “diamond” drop down menu and select “Create”.

betpractice system hunter create BTTS

In Step 1, click on “Leagues”.

system hunter leagues BTTS

In Step 2, select only the winter leagues (in other words, double season leagues such as Premier League) and click on “Next”.

system hunter select leagues BTTS

In Step 3, click on the “Select Market” drop down menu, select “‘Both Teams to Score’ (Yes) and click “Next”.

system hunter select market BTTS

In Step 4, in the “Select Period” section, select from “July to April”.

system hunter select period BTTS

Why don’t I choose May (you can learn more about how to bet in May in the chapter 1)?

Because in May, many leagues have play-offs, especially the double-season leagues such as the Dutch Eredivisie or Belgium Jupiler League.

In play-offs, strange results can occur, which are not good to include in a betting system because they can damage the system’s stability.

Finally, in the “select season” section, select from 2014-2015 to 2018-2019 (I follow the same sample’s rule of real odds which you can learn in the chapter 3) and click on “submit new system”.

system hunter select season BTTS

Now “System hunter” shows you how the system performs according to the parameters that you have set.

system hunter system's performance


Next, click on the “Yield” column to arrange all the leagues in increasing order of profitability.

system hunter yield column


As you can see in the screenshot above, only Mexico Liga MX is “slightly” profitable when betting on ‘Both Teams to Score’.

Meaning, when betting on ‘Both Teams to Score’ in a non-profitable league, you can win the today’s and tomorrow’s bet but in the long term you are throwing your money down the drain just because the bookmaker’s odds price is not profitable.

For example, in the “English Premier League” the ‘Both Teams to Score’ result occurs the 50.36% of the games.

premier league success rate BTTS



If every match was priced at 9, the “English Premier League” would be the most profitable league in the world, but unfortunately this is not the case…

Therefore, you are going to pick only the profitable leagues.

But how?

First of all, you have to identify what percentage of minimum value gets the best yield for the system.

Just go to the “Additional Systems” section (bottom right) and click on “Add”.

system hunter additional systems BTTS

Click on the first option “Real Odds & Value”.

system hunter real odds & value BTTS

In the “Value” section, configure the bar which tests the combinations below to figure out which one gets the best yield:

  • From 0 to 100
  • From 5 to 100
  • From 10 to 100
  • From 15 to 100
  • From 20 to 100

For this system, the best combination is to set a value from 20 to 100.

system hunter best value odds


Then click on “Submit”.

With this first filter the system has improved marginally from -5.27% to -3.40%.

Now it’s time to delete the leagues which have a negative yield.

Click on the “Yield” column to arrange all the leagues but this time in decreasing order of profitability.

system hunter negative yield leagues


Go to the “Leagues” section and click on “Edit”.

system hunter edit leagues BTTS

Drag the “Leagues” window to the right side and go page by page deselecting those leagues with a negative yield.

deselecting leagues

Once you have finished, click on “Next” and then on “Submit”.

deslecting leagues final step


You have to repeat this process until you remove all the leagues with a negative yield.

As you can see in the screenshot below, I’ve greatly improved the system’s yield from “-3.40%” to “6.28%”.

improving the system BTTS part 1


But wait, there’s more!

You can further improve the system by excluding the teams that damage the system.

Go to the “Excluded Teams” section (below “Leagues” section) and click on “Edit”.

excluded teams BTTS

The first thing to do in this section is deactivate the “View All Leagues” option.

deactivate view all leagues

This way, teams from different leagues are not mixed and it stops you from becoming overwhelmed with visual overload.

Next, select the first league (in this example, Austria Bundesliga).

select league BTTS

Then go to the table on the right and arrange the teams’ yield in order from lowest to highest.

arranging teams from lowest to highest yield at excluded teams

Next, remove all the teams that have a negative yield clicking on their respective blue buttons.

removing teams at excluded teams


Once you have the list of discarded teams for the system (they will be located in the central area), go to the “H/A/B” column and verify team by team if selecting any of the 3 options below helps to improve the system’s yield.

  1. Exclude them totally from the system (Both)
  2. Exclude them only as a home team (Home)
  3. Exclude them only as an away team (Away)

For example:

When I remove “LASK Linz”, the yield’s system improves from 6.28 to 6.38 in the “Both” mode.

both mode BTTS


On the other hand in both the “Home” and the “Away” mode, improve the yield’s system but not so good than the “Both” mode.

home mode BTTS

away mode BTTS

However, in the case of “Rheindorf Altach”, the “Home” mode is the one that improves more the yield’s system.

rheindorf altach home mode

rheindorf altach both mode

Apply the same process with the rest of the leagues.

After you have improved all these leagues, just click on “Submit”.

excluded teams finished

As you can see in the screenshot below, you have improved both the yield (from 6.28% to 45.24%) and the success rate (from 52.2% to 71.3%).

final yield system

Now you have a solid system where 480 out of 673 matches have finished with both teams scoring.


Don’t forget to save your system clicking on “Save System”.

save system BTTS

From now on, the system will show you, every day, which are the best matches according to the parameters that you have set.

To see these matches just click on “My Picks” (bottom right).

my picks BTTS

Click on the “Select Duration” drop down menu, chose your desired day and then click on “Apply”.

my picks duration BTTS

my picks apply btts

And your system will show you the matches according the day you have selected.

my picks results BTTS


Remember that using statistics and recent form to estimate outcomes and best odds doesn’t include more immediate factors such as:

  • Injuries and suspensions of key players (Top scorer, first goalkeeper…)
  • Team spirit
  • Club circumstances
  • Weather conditions

Bookmaker odds will include these factors.

Studying statistics, or past match performance, is a basic and essential requirement for football betting analysis.

It enables the sound selection or elimination of suitable betting prospects so that further analysis can then be performed.

Best Ways of Using the Both Teams To Score Tips:

Singles: Place single bets to level stakes.

Doubles: Pair the best selections to boost odds.

Accumulators: Place several selections in bigger coupons.

Betting is all about uncertainty, so among the good weeks there will be bad weeks too.

But these both teams to score systems, based on the stats described above, are certain to enhance your match analysis and deliver you many rewarding results.

And that’s not all…

Multiplying Odds By Using Alternative Both Teams To Score Results

By following this strategy for betting with BTTS you can improve your profits even further.

The method:

  • Odds for both teams must be 2 or above
  • Bet on a 1-1 score at over 7.00
  • Bet on Over 2.5 goals at 1.9 – 2.10

The stakes you choose will depend on the odds.

This strategy benefits from 1-1 being the minimum score needed for a BTTS win and the fact that 1-1 is one of the commonest football match results.

You will need to conduct some research before placing bets.

Look for matches with evenly placed teams where odds are priced at 2.0 or above for both sides.

Example: Newcastle vs West Ham

both teams to score odds

Newcastle 2.38

Draw 3.45

West Ham 3.35


Back 1-1 at 7.4 for €5

both teams to score correct score

Back Over 2.5 goals at 2.02 for €10

both teams to score over 2.5 goals

This combination gives you several options including cashing out in-play for a profit:

  • Cash out when the score is 1-1 and allow the Over 2.5 goals bet to run or cash it out/leave it for a free bet
  • At a 1-1 score, leave the 1-1 and Over 2.5 goals as bets (to guarantee one winner)

This value method can still deliver a profit, even when only one team manages to score.

Furthermore, if plans go wrong one team might lose heavily 3-0 or above, which still delivers you a profit.

What happened in the example match?

At HT the score was 1-0, at the 72nd minute it was 2-0, and at the 86th minute Newcastle scored the final goal to win 3-0.

both teams to score match


With the match score of over 2.5 goals, the profit earned was about €5.

You could, of course, adjust your stakes; or maybe delay 10-15 minutes for better odds on Over 2.5 goals.

This is what value betting is about: doing the maths to maximise profits!

And if the match had ended at 1-1?

Then earnings would have been around €20.

But if the score reaches 1-1, it is strongly recommended to cash out as soon as you reach the minute 75 and not wait until the end of the match.

This way you don’t lose a winning bet.

The reasoning is that odds during this period would be around 2.0 or less (depending on the match).

By cashing out you get profits of about €10 and reserve a free bet for over 2.5 goals.

Professional Approach

Log in at

Click on “Search”.

bp search

Go to the “Adjust” section, click on “Bookmaker” and set the following configuration:

In the “Probability (%)” section, select from 1.9 to 20.

bp search adjust


Next, click on “Market”.

bp search market

Go to “Popular Markets”, click on the “+” symbol of “Correct Score” and select “1-1”.

bp search correct score

Click on the “+” symbol of “Over/Under 2.5” and select “Over 2.5”.

bp search over 2.5

Then click on “League”.

bp search league

And tick the “All Leagues” box.

bp search all leagues

Finally click on “Search”.

bp search button

Click on the “Home” column to identify the matches that meet the parameters.

bp search home column

Now, send to “Favorite Matches” all the matches that have the “1-1” and “Over 2.5” odds priced at least at 7 and 1.9 respectively using Bet365 as a bookmaker (check these odds at BetVictor and you will see that they offer you better prices).

Once you have selected your “Favorite Matches”, analyse them one by one by moving your cursor over the “Send” button and select “Odds Compiler”.

There, delete the “Match Odds” market.

Put your cursor on the “Select Markets” drop-down menu and click on “Popular Markets”.

Select the “Both Teams to Score (Yes)” and “Over 2.5 goals” and close the window.

A match that meets the parameter below will be a good qualifier:

  • Both teams to score or Over 2.5 goals real odds (%): Above 55%

Additionally, if you find a match that also meets the parameter below (although there will be very few) then you will have achieved the excellence regarding match selection for this strategy!

  • Both teams to score and Over 2.5 goals real odds (%): Above 55%

As you can see in the screenshot below, Newcastle vs West Ham is a perfect match for this strategy.

Finally, for this approach I always verify that both teams have their top 2 socrers and assistants available.


Betting on Both Teams to Score is one of the heaviest followed markets at present, giving you plenty of choice.

As long as you do your research you can win handsomely with BTTS.

But always remember to check out team form, tactics, and latest news before making your selections.

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