Football BettingWhen it comes to football betting there are a whole multitude of different bets that are available for the punter. Gone are the days when bets were restricted to the full time result, the score and first goal scorer.  For example, some Premier League matches see nearly 90 betting opportunities available.  So it’s important to understand fully all the possible bets that you can place on a football match.

Full Time Result

This is still the most common bet on football betting. Will the game end in a win for either the home or away side or will the match end in a draw.

For example,  Manchester City are home to Liverpool, for a full-time bet you can either choose a Manchester City win, a draw or a victory for Liverpool.

If you are using a betting coupon to place your bet, there are sometimes three options, namely ‘1×2’.  In our example, a win for Manchester City who are the home side is ‘1’, a draw is ‘x’ and an away win for Liverpool is ‘2.’

The 90 Minute Rule

You need to be aware exactly what bet you are placing. League games are played over 90 minutes so there are no problems with that bet. The result you are betting on is the score at the end of the game.  Injury time is included.

However, with Cup games there is the possibility of the game going into extra-time if the scores are level after 90 minutes.  If you have placed a bet on the full-time result being a draw then you have won your bet. A bet on a home or away win will be a losing bet.

For example, you might think fans betting on England to beat West Germany in the 1966 World Cup Final would make a good profit. But the match ended 2-2 after 90 minutes so bets on England to win would have been lost.

Betting on Cup Ties

Say it’s the Capital One Cup and Derby County are taking on Ipswich Town. You will be faced with a variety of bets linked with the match result.

  • You can bet on the match result after 90 minutes.
  • You can place a bet on which team will qualify – this game will go to extra time if level after 90 minutes and then penalties if level after extra time.
  • Method of victory for each side – for example, you can bet on Derby to win in 90 minutes, win after extra time or win on penalties.

Football Accumulators

This is a popular form of football betting in which you choose more than one result. For example, you may decide to bet on Manchester City and Arsenal winning their games. This is a win double and you need both sides to win for your bet to be successful.  If both teams are priced at even money and you stake €10, this is how to calculate what you have won. €10 on Manchester City at evens wins you €10 and your stake back, a total of €20 going onto the Arsenal game. If they win your €20 wins €20 plus your stake back. So the €10 win double returns €40.

Three teams in a bet is known as a treble, and then it’s a four-fold, five-fold etc. The odds available in accumulators can be enormous but the more teams you place bets on the less chance of you winning so don’t get too greedy.

You can put teams into multiple bets such as Lucky 15’s  Here, you choose four results and there are a total of 15 bets – four singles, six doubles, four trebles and one four-fold. With this kind of football betting you only need one winner to ensure a return.

Total Goals (Under/Over)

Placing a bet on how many goals there will be in a game is becoming increasingly popular. But a recent introduction is the Under/Over bet and this can prove very profitable. It’s a popular bet because it can cover the whole game.

For example, Arsenal takes on Southampton in a Premier League match. The bookmakers will give options associated with the number of goals scored in the game. One such bet may be Under or Over 2.5 goals. With this bet if you back there to be ‘under 2.5 goals’ you will win if there are no goals, one goal or two goals scored in the 90 minutes.  If you bet on there being more than 2.5 goals, then you will win your bet if at least three goals are scored in the 90 minutes.

To Win Both Halves

With this bet the game is treated as two different matches. For example, you bet on England winning both halves against Iceland. The half-time score is 2-0 to England so that’s the first part of the bet up. For it to win England have to win the second half too. So if the end score is 3-0 to England, you win as they won the second half 1-0. If the end score was 3-1 to England, the bet goes down as the second half was a 1-1 draw.

Other similar bets are for a team to win either the first or second half or to score in both halves. These kinds of bets are handy in games with heavily odds on favourites and the eternal search for some better priced bets.

Correct Score

This is another straightforward bet and one that can produce wins at healthy odds. You simply need to predict the score after 90 minutes. A table of odds will be given for each possible result. It’s important to use oddschecker sites to see all the different prices available so you get the best possible odds.

With this bet it’s possible to back more than one score with equal stakes and still make a profit if one of the results you have predicted is correct.

It is also possible to have Correct Score group betting. The odds are shorter but you can select more than one final score.  For example, in a game between Everton and Sunderland you could bet on Everton to win either 1-0, 2-0 or 2-1.

Winning Margins

With this bet you try to predict the winning margin in a game. For example, in a game between Liverpool and Spurs, you can bet on Liverpool winning by exactly one goal or two goals or three goals or more.

Win to Nil

Here you are given odds on whether a team will win the match without conceding a goal.

Full Time Result and Number of Goals

Another self explanatory bet.  For example in a game between Everton and Arsenal, you can bet on Everton to win and there being less than 2.5 goals in the game.

Both Teams to Score

Another self-explanatory bet but one that is very popular. You can either answer “Yes” both teams in the match will score at least one goal or “No” they won’t. It’s a handy bet if you’re not sure of the actual result of the game but feel both teams will score.  If you do go for both teams to score, you have a chance of winning your bet right until the last kick of the game.  If you say “No” then your bet could lose in the first minute.

Half Time/Full Time (HT/FT)

In this bet you have to predict what the result will be at half time and also full time.

For example, say it’s Everton v Liverpool.  You can bet on Everton leading the game at half time and also at the end of the 90 minutes.  Alternatively you can bet that the game will be level (draw) at half-time with Liverpool winning at full-time.  The big odds come when you predict one side will be ahead at half time but their opponents will recover and be ahead at 90 minutes.

So if in the game it was 0-0 at half-time and Liverpool went on to win the game 2-1, the winning Half Time/Full Time forecast is Draw/Liverpool.

It can be a popular bet in a game where one of the sides is heavily favoured to win, for example, an England international against Iceland at Wembley.  England would probably be 1-5 to win the game and that’s not good value. However, for them to be leading at half-time and winning the match at full-time might be 1-2 which are still short odds but much better than 1-5.

First Goal Scorer

As you might have guessed, this is a bet on which player will score the first goal in the match. There are usually some good odds for this bet, even for the favourite.  A major problem with the bet is that it can be decided very early on in the game.  If you choose Wayne Rooney to score first in an England v Portugal game and another player scores the first goal after just a minute, then your bet is over and you have lost.

Make sure you check the terms and conditions of the bet.  The general rule is that if the first goal is an own goal then that doesn’t count as the first goal scorer. So if in that England match you have Rooney to score first but the opening goal in the game is a Ronaldo own goal, your bet on Rooney is still alive. If he then scores and makes it 2-0 to England then your bet on Rooney to be first goal scorer is a winner.

There is also an option for there to be ‘no goal scorer’. You might imagine that rather than betting on ‘no goal scorer’ you might as well just place a correct score bet on the game ending 0-0.  However, if the game finished 1-1 and both goals were own goals, then the ‘no goal scorer’ bet would come up, so this way there are more chances of you winning.

Also check the rules regarding substitutes. For example, you place a bet on Rickie Lambert to be first goal scorer. But he starts off as substitute and doesn’t come on until the first goal has been scored or doesn’t play at all. It may be that you get your stake back but this isn’t always the case.

Other Goal Scorer bets

So the first goal scorer bet does have its disadvantages, but the good news is there are now plenty of other goal scorer bets available.

Rather than betting on first goal scorer you can bet on the Last Goal Scorer. This bet is simply on who will score the last goal in the game. This means the bet covers the whole game.

The situation is the same with the Anytime Goal Scorer bet.  Rather than choosing Rooney to be the first or last goal scorer, the anytime bet means all he has to do is score in the game and your bet is a winner. Reduced odds are given for this bet.

You can also have an each-way bet on a goal scorer. This gives reduced odds on whether your selected player scores either the first, second or third goal in the match. Half your stake goes on your selected player being the first goal scorer. The other half will go on his being the first, second or third goal scorer.

For Example

You place €10 each-way on Wayne Rooney scoring the first goal at odds of 4-1. Sterling scores the first goal so the €10 on Rooney scoring first has been lost. However, if he is the scorer of the second or third goal then the €10 place bet is a winner.  You get reduced odds, possibly a quarter the odds so your bet is €10 at even money (a quarter of 4-1) so you win €10 and get your €10 place bet back.

You can also bet on a player scoring two goals in a game or scoring a hat-trick and on a player scoring and his team going on to win the game.  Also available are odds on two players both scoring in a game. For example, in the England match odds would be given on both Rooney and Sterling scoring in the game.

Other bets include a player scoring in the first ten minutes of the game or scoring in both halves.

Half Time Result

Rather than the Half Time/Full Time bet, this bet simply covers the first half. Again we are back to the three options there are for a full-time result. Either the home team will be winning, it will be a draw or the away team will be in the lead.  In games between two evenly matched sides it’s often an idea to go for this bet and choose a draw at half time.

Again if it’s a match with a dominant side, say that England v Iceland game. The odds on England being ahead at half-time will be better than betting on them to win in 90 minutes. As in most football betting examples, it is simply a case of looking for the best value bets.

Draw No Bet (DNB)

In this bet the draw is simply not an option and the only winning options are a home win or an away win.  If you bet on Arsenal against Southampton and go for Arsenal to win then if the game ends in a draw you simply receive your stake back.  The downside with this bet is that the odds for Arsenal and Southampton will be lower because of the absence of the draw result.  It’s quite a handy bet if you are betting on a team to win but don’t have a huge amount of confidence in them winning but don’t think they’ll lose.  If your team wins that’s great, but if it’s a draw then you don’t lose anything as your stake is returned to you.

Double Chance

With this bet the odds are greatly reduced but you have a chance of winning if one of two predicted results is right.  For example, in a game between Arsenal and Crystal Palace, you could bet on Arsenal or a Draw, Crystal Palace or a Draw or Arsenal or Crystal Palace winning the game.  In the first bet, you lose only if Crystal Palace wins the game. With the second, you only lose if Arsenal wins and with the third you only lose if the game ends in a draw. Some online bookmakers produce Double Chance coupons so you can place accumulators.

Handicap Betting

Again this is a popular bet especially with games between teams of different quality. For example, a match between England and San Marino would see England at odds of around 1-33 to win the game.  There’s not much the average punter can do with those odds so a handicap bet is much the better option. Here, San Marino could be given a five goal start in the game. Now the odds would be something along the lines of England 4-6 San Marino 5-4 and the draw 11-10.  So how does this work?

Effectively England are starting the game 5-0 down, they need to win by six clear goals to win the bet for you.  If England wins by five clear goals, the handicap bet ends in a draw (5-5).  If England wins by less than five clear goals, San Marino wins on the handicap.

Asian Handicap Betting

The difference between this bet and a normal handicap bet is the fact the game cannot end in a draw.  In the example of the England v San Marino game, the bet may be San Marino to have a 5.5 goal start.  As a result the game has to end in a win for either England or San Marino as even Jose Mourinho isn’t able to manage a side to 5.5 goals.  So for the England win bet to be successful they have to win by six clear goals.  Anything less than a six goal winning margin for England results in a win on the Asian Handicap for San Marino.

Scorecast (First Scorer/Correct Score Double)

In this bet you have to name not just the first goal scorer but the final score after 90 minutes.  This can result in some very lucrative odds being produced for a correct forecast.

For example if Arsenal are playing Everton, you may choose to bet on Aaron Ramsey scoring the first goal and Arsenal winning the match 2-0. These are difficult bets to win on, hence the high odds available.

Bookings/Red Cards

There are also a variety of bets that can be placed on bookings and whether there will be a sending off in a game.  You can bet on whether an individual player will be booked, the first player to be booked and the total number of bookings in a game (90 minutes). You can also bet on which team will have the most players booked. It’s also possible to bet on whether there will be a player sent off in a game. A slightly higher price will be given for a sending off in the second half.


You can bet on how many corners each side will have in a game. You could be offered a set figure for the game, for example you might bet on whether there will be less than ten corners, ten or eleven corners or more than eleven.  Also available are ‘corner bands’, for example you can bet on there being between 0-4 corners in the game, 5-8, 9-12 etc.  Handicap betting on corners is available too.  For example in a match between England and San Marino, you could have a handicap of 10 corners start for San Marino.


So as you can see there’s a whole range of bets that you can have on a football game. The bets are available in running too with the odds constantly changing throughout the match. If you study form, then it’s possible to work out the bets that have the best prices.


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