How to use horse racing and football stats in sports betting

Football StatsIf you really want to be successful gambling then you need to become used to sitting down and studying form. There are several elements that you need to go through but they can prove very worthwhile in the long run. Statistics and trends can give you lots of valuable information in your quest to find a winner.

You have to be careful though, because if you do too much research then it’s easy to find yourself becoming confused as you wade your way through all the information you have gathered.

Football Stats

There are so many different forms of football stats that you can research. Let’s say we are thinking of betting on the big football match taking place at Old Trafford where Manchester United are home to Crystal Palace. There are plenty of football stats that you need to study.

First you want to take a look at the league positions of both sides. If United are 4th and Palace 14th then you might think that you don’t really need to do any further research. United are clearly a lot higher in the table and playing at home, so obviously they should win.  It’s not quite as simple as that though.

Next you can have a look at the home record United has and the away record for Palace.  That will tell you a lot because some teams are almost unbeatable at home; then again some struggle to win at home even if they are having a good season.  Then have a look at the away record for Crystal Palace, are they doing well in their away games this season or are they struggling for points?

Again the figures may provide a clear-cut indication that United should beat Palace. But then have a look at the recent form guide.  How have both teams been doing in their last six games?  This can be for their last six league games, their last six home game or their last six away games. These are the most up to date football stats and can prove very interesting.

For example, United may be 4th in the table but perhaps their form for the last six league games is four wins and two draws, indicating they are in great form at the moment.  On the other hand that form for the last six games might be one win, two draws and three defeats. This indicates that they may be 4th now but a few weeks ago they were 2nd in the table and going through a bit of a bad patch. Perhaps that win over Palace isn’t as straightforward as you initially thought.

Then look at how Palace have been doing lately. Again this will reveal whether they are in good, bad or indifferent form at present.

Also take a look at the last six home results and the last six away results. It may be that United have won their last six at home or possibly they have won two, drawn two and lost two.  Palace might have won their last few away games so perhaps they can win again this week?

It’s Not All About Win, Lose and Draw

These days you can bet on a massive range of events and it’s not all about who is going to win, lose or draw. For example, in football you can bet on players to score, when the goals will be scored, how many goals there will be in a game and how many players will be booked.  In cricket you can bet on the score, top scorer, top wicket-taker, even who wins the toss.

So it’s important when looking at statistics and trends to look beyond win, lose and draw. Have a look at how many goals football teams are scoring, how many goals have there been in games and who’s scoring their goals. Luckily there are plenty of websites that are jam packed with statistics for different sports, so search out that information and try and use it to your advantage.

Horse Racing Stats

There is plenty of information that you need to know if placing a bet on a horse race. Say you want to place a bet on Sprinter Sacre to win the 2.20 at Ascot on Saturday.

You need to study the form so have a look at the race-card. There’s lots of information contained there about all the runners and if you click on Sprinter Sacre’s name then a box should open up that gives you all the information you need to know about your proposed selection.

You can find out the result of all recent races, perhaps even get to see a video of those races. Check to see what distance your horse is best at. If it’s a three and a half mile race, don’t back Sprinter Sacre because he’s never raced that far.  Have a look at what going the horse does well on. Some horses go best on good ground, others prefer soft ground. All the information is there for you to study. Have a look at the jockey who will be riding Sprinter Sacre. Has he ridden the horse before or is this the first time?

You can also look at issues such as how much weight your horse is carrying and how long since its last run. Sprinter Sacre had a long time off the course last year so if he’s not been out for say 400 days he might not be at his best this time out. If the horse last had a race just a couple of days ago, that’s important too because it may not have fully recovered from that previous race.

It’s important to study how your horse has raced against its opponents in the upcoming race. Has Sprinter Sacre beaten them before? The weights are really important in this respect. It may be that Sprinter Sacre beat one of his opponents by 4 lengths last time they met but the rival now has a 5lb weight advantage. That will make it more difficult for Sprinter Sacre to win again against that rival.

Then there’s the course record to look at. Some horses do better on one course than another. Some might absolutely hate certain courses so you need to know those kinds of facts. For example, does your selection do best on a left-handed or right-handed course? Then there are course specialists who for some reason do brilliantly on one course and barely ever win on others. Take a look at the distance the horse has won over; again it’s vital information that will indicate just how good a chance your horse has of winning.

Win percentages are also important; this can help decide whether how consistent your selection is. There are so many horse racing stats you can look at, remember not to look at too many or you really will start to get confused especially in handicaps with a large number of runners.

Remember all those stats refer to past form, you can’t really predict 100% accurately the form they will show in the big race. Horses improve and even the best out there can have their off-days or suffer injuries as Sprinter Sacre did before.


It’s also important to take a look at results going back a number of years. Some teams have really good or bad records playing against other teams. Then there are cup competitions to consider. A lot of top teams play weakened sides in cup games so that’s important to take note of.  A lot of cup upsets happen because lower league sides want to do well and have more to play for than the higher league side that leave out lots of players and want to concentrate on their league position.

In horse-racing take a look at the age of the horse you are backing. It’s often the case that three-year-old horses get better results against older horses in staying races towards the end of the season. That’s definitely the case when a younger horse is receiving a weight allowance from the older horses.

You have to remember though that these are trends and don’t necessarily prove anything. A football team might not have won at another club’s ground for a long time, that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t go there and win the next time they play there.  Records are there to be broken.


It’s important that you pay attention to statistics and trends. It’s so frustrating when you bet on a result and then find out a statistic after the game that might have changed your opinion on that game.  But don’t overdo your research because whatever the statistics say shocks happen that make statistician’s look very foolish.

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