How to bet on live football betting

Live Football Betting


Recent years have seen live betting become an important part of gambling. The internet is the reason of course; we could never have imagined that one day we’d be betting in running on a football game played on the other side of the world.

It’s important to learn exactly how to deal with betting while a match is being played.

Shop Around for the Best Prices

You really need to be concentrating hard when it comes to live football betting. Virtually every kick of the ball can have an influence on the game and odds can change all the time.

One football game can be featured live on a wide number of bookmaker’s sites. It’s important therefore to have a few different bookmakers sites open on your computer.

As the game progresses the odds will be constantly changing and it is more than likely that one site will be offering better odds than others. It’s a competitive market remember and if Paddy Power are offering 6-4 on the draw, then Ladbrokes may well be offering 13-8 in order to get your custom. If you only had one site open then you’d never know that you could be getting better odds elsewhere.  Be quick though because odds change all the time.

Is it best to bet before the game or in running?

It is quite often the case that if you bet in running, then you can get better odds than if you placed your bet before the match started.

For example, Spurs are playing at home to Stoke City; before the game starts the odds are 1-2 Spurs, 7-4 a draw and 3-1 Stoke City.  If Spurs score an early goal then their price could be shortened dramatically to 1-8. The odds on a draw or Stoke winning lengthen.  So if you fancied either of those two results then much better odds are still available.

What if you fancy Spurs to win but decide to bet during the game rather than before it starts. After 15 minutes the score is still 0-0? This will result in the odds on Spurs winning lengthening slightly and you might be able to get 4-7. The longer it stays at 0-0 the better the odds will be for Spurs winning.

Say you fancy Spurs to win and you bet in running. If Spurs went 1-0 down in the first half, the odds on Spurs to win might go out to evens or perhaps even 5-4.  There’s still plenty of time for Spurs to get back in the game so there are some attractive odds there that could well pay off.


This has become popular in recent years with the arrival of betting exchanges. It involves either backing or laying a selection with the intent to lay or back when the odds change thus guaranteeing a profit.  This is extremely popular while a game is taking place.

This can work if during the game you decide to back a selection when you think their odds will shorten. You lay a selection when you think the odds will lengthen during the game. The more the odds shorten or lengthen in your favour before trading out, the more profit you can make. It’s important to remember to trade out before the end of the game.

This can be quite handy when you have placed an accumulator. If you have chosen four teams and the first three have already won, you may wish to trade out to ensure a decent profit should your final selection take the lead. You simply lay that team at short odds, perhaps a quarter or half of your anticipated winnings. This way you will have a decent profit even if your selection doesn’t go on to win the match.

Cash Out

This is another new introduction that has happened in recent years. Some bookmakers offer you the chance to cash out on your bet before the game ends. It’s a tricky decision to make and there will be times when it works out and times you will wish you hadn’t cashed out.

For example, you place a bet €20 on Liverpool to beat Sunderland at odds of 4-5. This means if they win the game your bet of €20 will return €36 (€16 winnings plus your initial stake back).

It’s the second half and Liverpool are winning 1-0 with twenty minutes to go. If the cash out facility is available then you may be able to cash out your bet for €29. That’s still a profit but not as big as if you wait till the end of the game. You face a difficult decision because with just a one goal lead you are on thin ice.  If you cash out then you still make a profit, the frustration then is that the game ends with Liverpool winning and you could have won more.  However, if Sunderland were to grab an equalizer then the cash out figure would plummet to something like €5 and you’d be hoping for a late Liverpool winner.

If you fancy a bet on a team that aren’t the favourites to win or have reasonable odds such as 6-4, then the cash out facility can prove useful. Say you put a €20 bet on Stoke to beat Sunderland at 6-4. You may not be too confident on Stoke winning so if they took an early lead and you were offered the chance to cash out at €30 then it’s very tempting to take the profit and run.

The cash-out figure can be withdrawn at any time which leaves you really nervous over whether your stake will result in any return. Usually it’s withdrawn about five minutes from the end of a game. So if your side is 1-0 up and you’re not sure they will hold on for the win, keep an eye on the clock. You could still cash out at a profit but if you miss that cut-off point, the cash out is withdrawn and you have an anxious time hoping your side will hang on for the victory.

Another problem is that you really do have to keep your eye on the bet all the time. It’s easy to look away from the screen for a few minutes only to come back and see a changed score and a big drop in the cash-out figure.

It is a difficult bet though, often I’ve cashed out and then seen teams either maintain a lead or come from behind and win. Then again I’ve had times when the decision has been made to cash out for a lesser profit and then seen my team pegged back for the draw or even lose. That’s a great feeling to have!

Correcting Mistakes

Say you place a bet on Southampton to beat Everton and then they go 1-0 down. Because of betting in running you have the chance to have another bet and choose Everton to win or perhaps go for the draw. In the days when you could simply place a bet before the game, this option simply didn’t exist.

Know the Rules

Ensure that you fully understand the market in which you are betting. Make sure you know the rules of the event and the bet you are placing. For example, betting with or without extra time.


So as you can see betting in running is a complex business. You really need to be able to concentrate on what is happening and constantly look for the best odds.  Don’t get carried away and put more on a team that goes ahead early on in the game.

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