Over 1.5 goals is a very popular football betting market due to the strong likelihood of 2 goals or more being scored during a match.

This is why many gamblers typically combine Over 1.5 goals match selections into accumulator coupons to boost the expected payout.

Making selections for this market may seem simple at first since any match between average goal-scoring teams has a chance to win.

But most gamblers who bet this way ignore the importance of odds and value.

They accept the poor odds offered by bookies because they can make multiple bets.

In fact, this approach always leads to losses long term because there’s no value in the odds.

The best value approach for this market is to choose matches that statistics show deliver an 80% team average score of over 1.5 goals, and a similar 80% or more average of over 1.5 goals in previous H2H matches.

Over 1.5 Goals Predicitions For Today

The table below for the Over 1.5 goals market is updated daily with the best selections.

However, you should remember that even selections with a record of the strongest stats (100% average Over 1.5 goals in all games, including H2H), will fail occasionally.

[supsystic-tables id=90]

This 97,5%-rated match between Sonderjyske and Midtjylland, for example, ended at 0-1 and therefore didn’t perform.

But let´s examine some other selections and their odds:

over 1.5 goals odds

The table below shows that the positive average for this match is 91,39%.

[supsystic-tables id=91]

You could estimate your own odds for the match from these stats, but the best odds given of 1.29 certainly represent good value.

1/91.39% = 1.09

Note that the strongest selections, usually involving top teams, will only give odds of around 1.10 or below.

So, for this market, the advice is to avoid placing single pre-match bets.

Best Ways Of Using The Over 1.5 Goals Predictions

You will be able to use these Over 1.5 goals predictions successfully in all types of accumulators.

A significant boost to your odds will be given by combining the highest percentage predictions into small accumulators.

But, ultimately, the number of opportunities you place in your accumulators is your decision.

Good luck with those multiple bets.

Now discover how to increase your odds making single Over 1.5 goals bets when games are in-play!

Over 1.5 Goals Strategy (Also Suitable For Over 2.5 Goals)

This is a technique you definitely need in your betting arsenal.

It is ideal for the Over 1.5 goals market and you can still use data from the Over 1.5 goals tips table!

Consider a match where the strong expectation is for plenty of goals.

Whatever the expectations, many games start slowly with goals appearing only later in the match.

When such a game remains goalless for some time, the in-play odds for Over 1.5 goals will start to drift higher.

This movement in odds can reveal good chances to bet on the original expectation at higher odds during the game.

As an example, if a game began with odds of 1.29 for Over 1.5 match goals, and by the 20th minute there remained no score, Over 1.5 goals could now be available to bet at around 1.50.

Looking for ways to get better odds for your strong selections is the way to improve your profit and loss account long term.


This method is presented for the Over 1.5 goals markets, however, it can be followed for any Over goals market.

The Method

  • After 25-30 minutes at 0-0, bet on Over 1.5 goals at odds above 1.60.
  • When the first goal comes in cash out for a profit.

The reasoning is that pre-match odds for Over 1.5 goals would be only around 1.20 – 1.30.

Odds will lengthen after 30 minutes if no goals have been scored.

It´s quite likely that a match will have no goals or shots on target during the early stages of the game as teams test out each other and try to avoid conceding an early goal.

This offers a good opportunity for taking advantage of improving odds in-play.

So the method is: with a match that should be scoring goals but has begun slowly, there’s an opportunity to get better odds and cash in for profit if a goal arrives before half time.

Here is an example:

Sporting de Gijón vs Granada (La Liga 2016/2017)


Recent form

Here you need to look for teams whose recent matches have involved plenty of goals.

This can include any teams that have either a strong attack or a weak defence.

Sporting de Gijón

sporting gijon recent form


granada recent form

Head to Head

Sporting de Gijón vs Granada fits well into the above category.

Both teams need to score points to avoid relegation, and 4 out of 5 recent games involving either team have seen at least 2 goals scored.

over 1.5 goals head to head

By examining the H2H history you just need to make sure there isn’t a record of unexciting goalless matches between the pair.

Live Stats

This strategy really depends on keeping a close watch on the match, so it’s best if you can watch live to see if the teams are creating opportunities.

If this isn’t possible, then your alternative is to go to the Bet365 website where you can follow all the stats for the game.

What you need to look for are

  • Shots on target
  • Shots
  • Corners

Shots on target will be the most important of these.

So what were the stats by the 25th minute of the Sporting de Gijón vs Granada game?

over 1.5 goals live stats

  • 4 shots on target from Sporting de Gijón
  • 4 shots on target from Granada

Those are encouraging numbers given the shots on target needed to score for both teams!


Opening bet:

After 25 minutes at 0-0: Bet on Over 1.5 goals at 1.64 for a stake of €20.

Possible scenarios:
  • Take profit by cashing out as soon as a first half goal is scored
  • If the first goal comes early, you could let the bet run to about the 60th minute and take full profit if a second goal is scored. If no second goal by the 60th minute then cash out for a small profit or loss
  • If no goal scored by HT or 60th minute, cash out for a loss or stick for a big finish
Cashing out

In the Sporting vs Granada game, Granada scored in the 51st minute reducing Over 1.5 goals odds to 1.17/1.18.

granada first goal

Closing the bet at this stage guaranteed about €5 of profit (compared to €12.80 if the match went over 1.5 goals).

In fact, Sporting de Gijón scored a return goal in the 60th minute.

sporting gijon goal

And the game ended at 3-1—well over 1.5 goals.

sporting gijon vs granada

Stats Behind This Method

If you look at the timing of goals in the Spanish La Liga 2016/2017 season (including injury periods), it is clear more goals were scored in the second half than in the first half.

La Liga goal timing

The first 15 minute of play produced the fewest number of goals, whereas the final 15 minutes of play was the most active goal-scoring period.

Given these percentages, it might be worthwhile considering a strategy based on this late goal-scoring factor.

It is likely that stats will show the same for many other leagues.

Pro betting tip:

  • The Over 1.5 goals strategy described above can be awkward because of its low return odds. So be sure that both teams satisfy the Shots on target to score average before selecting a match.
  • Another technique is to delay until odds are 2.0 or above.


With a match that has a slow start but is predicted to be high scoring, you could choose better odds by betting on Over 2.5 goals after 20-25 minutes of play.

However, if there are still no goals by the 60th minute it could be hard to make a profit.

The facts are that there is a much better chance of a match finishing with at least 2 goals than with 3 or more.


This is a simple betting method that you can also adapt to your own preferences.

If you want to improve on the low odds, you can choose to bet on Over 2.5 goals or wait for better Over 1.5 goals at half time.

Occasionally, you may be able to take full profit if a second goal quickly follows the first.

Most important of all for your success with this method will be to always check the Over 1.5 goals Tips for Today table.