It’s difficult not to watch television and see the latest adverts from Bet365.

Ray Winstone seems to pop up all the time with the latest offers available from this excellent online bookmaker.

However there’s a lot more to this great betting company than finding out the price for Lionel Messi to score the next goal

Live Streaming

Watching live sport always adds another dimension to your betting experience.

Actually getting to see the action is so much better.

Well with Bet365 there are hours and hours of live action to be enjoyed.

There’s a wide variety of sports available and the action takes place all over the world.

So settle down and enjoy the match while hopefully getting a nice tidy profit too.

Oh and even if the game isn’t being shown live then there is also the match view facility available.

With this you get to see an image of the pitch and you can keep up to date with what’s happening in the game.

Believe me, if you have a bet on the football game and it comes up with ‘home side dangerous attack’ then your heart starts to beat a lot faster in anticipation of that all-important goal.

If you’re a horse racing fan and haven’t got access to the ‘At The Races’ or ‘Racing UK channels then all is not lost.

All you need to do is bet a total of 50p on a race covered by that station and you can watch the race for free on Bet365.

Even better is the fact there is an excellent archive of horse races available for you to sit down and watch.

Now this is really useful when there’s a big race (or even just a seller at Sedgefield) and you want to check out the form.

It’s more than likely that you’ll be able to see some of its previous races and that will help you make your final decision.

The racing can also be seen on the move so if you have your iPad, iPod or Android device then you can join in the fun with this and their other services.

Cash Out

One of the best features on the Bet365 website is their Cash Out feature.

Now this really makes betting a completely different experience.

Gone are the days when you place a bet on a match and then just hope that it’s going to make a profit.

No longer do you see your selection take the lead and you have to hope they’ll keep that lead for the rest of the game to ensure a profit is made.

With the Cash Out feature you have the ability to end your bet when you want.

Now this can be really helpful, especially if you’re not so quite confident about your selection winning as you were when you placed the bet.

One big advantage of the Cash Out feature is that you can salvage a losing bet.

Say you put 10€ on a team to win and with 70 minutes to go it’s still 0-0.

You can either wait for the game to finish and probably lose your full 10€ stake or accept a Cash Out figure of something like 3€.

It’s a loss but you’re still getting 30% of your stake back.

The big thrill with Cash Out is that you can get some good winnings that you wouldn’t otherwise have received.

Say your side is 1-0 up with 10 minutes to go and you can Cash Out at a decent profit.

You can decide to do that and then laugh all the way to the bank when the other team equalizes soon after.

Of course there will be times you cash out when the scores are level and then your selection goes and scores a winning goal.

It’s just the excitement of the Cash Out bet.

Betting Opportunities

With Bet365 you’ll be amazed by just how many betting opportunities there are for you.

Whatever the hour of the day there’s a great range of sporting events that you can try and win some money on.

That’s because there are so many different sports covered by Bet365.

It’s not just the usual suspects but there’s also futsal, volleyball, handball and even palota and surfing.

It’s not just a case of live betting though because Bet365 has a glut of ante post betting opportunities available for almost any sport you can think of.


This is a really important part of the website.

The last thing you want is a site where it’s a struggle to move from one section to another.

If that happens there’s the chance you could miss out on a big horse race and miss out on some profits (though you’d smile if it went on and lost).

Thankfully with the Bet365 site that most definitely isn’t the case.

It’s easy to navigate your way around this site.

Have a good look around before making your first bet and get used to where everything is.

The ‘services’ section is full of vital information including promotions and your banking requirements.

Bet365 Extra is a great tool to use.

It has all the details and links you need for promotions, live streaming schedules, news about tablets and mobile offers as well as access to a mass of statistics that will really help you check results and do some research on your proposed selections.

If you ever do have any questions about the site then there’s a helpful FAQ section and also the option of chatting to someone live.

That will certainly help sort out any queries you may have.


Whatever it is you’re looking for, then you are bound to find it at Bet365.

They have an amazing range of sports for you to bet on and it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is.

Bet on European sport during the afternoon and evening, have some supper than enjoy a late night betting on American and Asian sports.

Their offers come thick and fast and will always make betting with Bet365 a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

There’s lots of chances to watch live sport, statistics galore to help you make your all-important decisions.

With plenty of advice available for you and links to gambling responsibility sites just in case it all gets a bit too much for you (remember gambling should be fun), then this really is the site for you.