Under 1.5 Goals Tips For Today [Chapter 5]

Betting on under 1.5 goals market isn’t to everyone’s taste.

After all, football is about scoring goals – right?

When you watch a game of football you want to see plenty of action.

That means the challenges of getting past the opposition to place that ball into the back of the net!

Betting on under 1.5 goals takes a different perspective.

You need to see fewer goals rather than more.

However, contrary though it may be, the Under 1.5 goals market can offer some excellent betting opportunities.

The reason for this is that teams are generally just as dissatisfied with low scoring matches as are their fans.

This means that no more than one goal being scored in a match goes against the mindset as a trailing team will at least want to even the score.

So, in fact, odds in this market are usually set at around 3.0 – 4.0 or even higher.

When analysing selections for this type of game, all the component stats involved must show a positive average of 40% or more.

Under 1.5 Goals Tips For Today

The table below is an example of the stats used in compiling the daily Tips for Today best match tips shared for the Under 1.5 goals market.

Head-to-head stats are an important element because they show the type of play that typically occurs between a pair of teams.

The H2H stats used cover meetings between selected teams over the past five seasons.

There may be strong trends to note such as many goals scored or goal opportunities, or only a few.

Further insights into types of play might be gained by checking any Cup and lower league matches.

Other factors worth considering are the general goal scoring records of selected teams.

For instance, whether a team’s recent play has been high scoring or a struggle to score goals.

Best Ways Of Using The Under 1.5 Goals Tips:

Due to the high odds single bets are recommended.

Note also that the high odds reflect low chances, therefore long losing runs can be expected.

But, equally, winning streaks can often happen too.

The table below shows actual results from a recent positive betting weekend.

As you can see, a good day can deliver two or three winners from just four selections.

Additional payouts could be achieved by combining the selections into doubles or trebles.