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In 2023, online betting and gambling has achieved new heights. The ability to bet online has been available since the late 1990s. However, it is only in the past 5 years that the practice has reached mainstream appeal. Nowadays, people are much more likely to bet through the various online betting sites, than through sports shops.

So what makes these websites so popular? First of all, the acting of betting is hugely popular. Second, these websites can be accessed from numerous devices, meaning they are easily accessible and available. And last, but certainly not least, these websites offer some great bonus features, such as the free bets clubs.

How do Weekly Free Bet Clubs Work?

Some of you might be new to this whole thing. After all, as we said, online betting’s popularity is largely new. So, we are going to explain to you exactly how weekly free bet clubs work. As the name suggests, they are a weekly promotional offer, for anyone who happens to be using a sports betting website. 

Weekly Free Bet Club offers are a bonus for existing fans. If users join up with a Weekly Free Bet Club, they will be subject to a bundle of free bets every week. For those who don’t know, free bets are betting offers that, as the name suggests, award players the ability to place a few bets without having to risk their cash. 

Usually these offers are limited to a certain amount, such as £5, £10, £15, or sometimes even more. In this article, we are going to look at a few bookmakers online that feature a Weekly Free Bet Club, and talk about the best ones.

What are the Best Bookmakers for Weekly Free Bet Clubs?

Now that you are aware of what Weekly Free Bet Clubs are and how they work, let us take a look at the best betting offers that these websites provide. In this section, we are going to look through 7 Free bet clubs and talk about which are the best ones. 

Paddy Power Reward Club

The Paddy Power Reward Club is Paddy Power’s entrance into the ring of Betting Clubs. Naturally, in order to get in on the Free Bets Club, you need to have an account with Paddy Power. The way their offer works is simple. If you bet 5 bets worth £5 at any time during the week, starting at 00:01 on Monday and ending at 23:59 on Sunday, the following Monday you will win a £5 free bet. There is also the 5 bets of £10 offer, which works the same, but awards £10 instead of £5. 

Paddy Power Rewards_Club

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Betway Free Bet Club

Betway’s Free Bet Club is a bit better than Paddy Power’s. At any point during the week, you can opt in and place £25 using accumulator bets. If you do so, you will receive 2 free bets. £10 and £5 each. The way it works is, the £25 multi-bet can be spread across any amount of bets you’d like. The only criterion is that they have three legs of 2/1 or higher odds.

Betway Free Bet Club

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Unibet In-Play Free Bet Club

The Unibet offer is pretty similar to the Paddy Power Reward. It works quite simply, and in terms of quality, is about as good as the Paddy Power betting offer. If you are a Unibet user, who wants to join the Free Bet Club, you just need to opt-in and place five or more in-play bets. These bets must be placed on evens and be at least £10. By doing so, you will be eligible for the weekly free bet reward. It will be credited every Monday and is valid on any in-play event, except for trotting and horse and greyhound racing. 

Unibet Free Bet Club

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Betfred Promotions: Fred’s Bet Club

Betfred’s promotion club is a new and exciting form of betting using free bets. It is a bit more complicated than the other clubs, however, certainly worth it. The way Betfred Promotions Club works is simple. You are awarded a free bet worth £25 for every £500 that you’ve staked. The maximum amount that a customer is able to win is £200. This might just be the best offer for those of you willing to play high-stakes. 

Betfred Free Bet Club

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BetVictor – BV Loyalty Club

In many ways, the BV Loyalty Club is similar to the aforementioned clubs. However, there are certain things that propel it to the top of the list as one of the best. If you place 5 bets equaling £5 or more, at ½ odds, you will be given a reward. This reward is a free bet that can equal £1 and £25. Be careful, however, as multiple bets on the same outcome will not qualify you for the free bet.

BV Loyalty Club BetVictor

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QuinnBet £10 Free Bet Every Week

The QuinnBet £10 is a weekly offer that allows players to create their own bet. By registering an account with QuinnBet and using the Create-a-Bet feature to place £10 bets, you will qualify for the weekly free bet offer. When your bet has settled, you will receive the £10 free bet award. In many ways, the Quinnbet betting offer is one of the more original and interesting ones. So, feel free to try it out. 

Quinnbet screenshot

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BoyleSports Acca Loyalty 

BoyleSports aren’t the biggest bookmaker out there however; they do have some great Weekly Free Bet Offers. If you join BoyleSports and opt in for the Acca Loyalty Program, you can make 5 bets, each worth £5 on accumulator bets. They need to be placed on 3/1 odds. Cashed out and voided bets do not qualify you for the bonus. Once you are done, £5 Free Acca Bets will be awarded to the user.

Boylesports Acca Loyalty Club

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Advantages of a Free Bet Club

So, why should you join up with a Free Bet Club? Well, the reason is simple. Weekly Free Bet Clubs offer a ton of advantages to players. Some of the best free bet clubs will improve your chances and offer extra bets. So, let us take a look at a few reasons for why the Free Bet Clubs are as popular as they are. 

How to Claim a Weekly Free Bet Offer?

Finally, we are now going to explain how you can get your weekly free bet club reward. Once you’ve decided on the website you are using, and taken a look at their Free Bet Club, there are certain steps you need to take in order to benefit from the reward. 

➡️Step 1: Join up the website you’ve decided on.

➡️Step 2: Opt in for the Free Bets Club. 

➡️Step 3: Follow the guidelines of the Free Bets Club. This is usually as simple as placing a few bets worth a certain value. 

➡️Step 4: Once you’ve become a member of the Free Bets Club, you then place the bets necessary to win the award.

➡️Step 5: Your award will then be placed into your account. 

➡️Step 6: Use your free bets before they expire.


Now that we have explained the basics, we would like to give some closing thoughts. Weekly Free Bet Clubs are a great benefit that many online betting websites offer. Some are better than others, and some benefit experienced users more than newbies. However, most are a great way to get a bit ahead of the competition, and even give yourself a bit of an advantage over the house itself.

So, if you are interested in dipping your toes into the ocean that is online sports betting, make sure you get your hands on some free bets. They will boost your shots, lower the risks you take, and improve some of your chances for winning a pretty hefty reward.


What are Free Bets?

As the name suggests, free bets are bets that you can place for free. There is no need to deposit any cash when placing a free bet. 

What are Free Bet Clubs?

Free Bet Clubs are certain promotions at online betting sites that a player can opt in for. Once that happens, a free bet will be awarded weekly, as long as the conditions are met. 

Can you Win from Free Bets?

Yes, free bet victories do pay out. 

Do Free Bets Last Indefinitely? 

No. Most free bet club offers award free bets that will expire eventually. The usual expiration time for a free bet is a week or two. However, some last longer and some expire quicker. 

What is the Risk of a Free Bet?

The only risks of a free bet come before it is awarded. Most clubs will require you to place other bets in order to qualify for the free bet. So, once you’ve placed the necessary bets, you are awarded the free one.

Do Free Bets Come with Restrictions?

Yes. Most of the time, free bets have certain restrictions placed on them. This is usually a market restriction, but different websites differ on this point. 

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