How to Avoid Getting Banned by Bookmakers

Any UK punter can face betting account restrictions and can even be banned by bookmakers. It is commonly believed that banning occurs from winning too much. However, it can happen for different reasons. The good news is that you can evade potential ban risks. Here, we’ll provide you with the knowledge you need in regard to why account restrictions and closures can occur and how to avoid getting banned by bookmakers.

Reasons Why Betting Sites Limit and Close Accounts

It may seem unlawful for online bookmakers to limit or close betting accounts, but the reality is that they would not be able to exist if they could not legally restrict or ban players who did not follow fair play rules. With that said, the following are the most common reasons why betting sites may choose to limit or close a player’s account.

Tips to Avoid Getting Restricted or Banned by a Bookie

Ultimately, bookmakers have the power to ban bettors who abuse bonuses, engage in criminal activity, and who place wagers that guarantee profits through match-betting and arbitrage betting. In other words, they can ban you if you’re caught cheating the system. They can also limit your account if your betting behaviour indicates suspicious behaviour or if you’re a pro punter whose payouts are higher than what you put in.

To lower the risk of your account being limited or banned, consider the following:

What Should I Do If My Betting Account is Restricted or Closed?

If your betting account is limited or closed, it’s only natural for you to want to inquire about this, especially if you feel that it was done in error or you think that the bookmaker is attempting to scam you out of your money. There are two main ways to deal with the situation to have the matter properly investigated and resolved.


Can a bookmaker ban you for winning?

A bookmaker won’t ban you for winning (as long as you are not in breach of their rules), but they can place restrictions on your account (e.g. stake limits, best rejected, etc.) if you win too frequently and appear to be generating a profit by beating the odds. Never forget that sportsbooks are a business. Like any business, betting sites exist to make money. In the case of betting, this means making money by setting the odds and balancing the books. Bookmakers rake a wide range of bets at different odds to ensure a profit, no matter the outcome of an event. Likewise, they make certain that the balance of transactions and payouts are always in their favour. The bottom line: a bookmaker won’t want to pay out more to a player than what they bring in from that player. Moreover, players who win too often draw suspicion of being in breach of the bookie’s T&Cs.

Could you be suspended from Betfair?

Yes. Betfair can suspend your account. The main reason this happens is if Betfair catches a player collecting data without betting, especially when the player is successful at exchange trading and betting. More specifically, account suspension could be triggered for reasons such as suspected money laundering, financial fraud, event fixing, source of funds, or gambling-related restrictions. Usually, account suspension is only temporary. However, this suspension can be in place for some time while Betfair investigates your account activity as they may be required to involve third parties in the investigation, like the Gambling Commission.

Is it legal for a bookmaker to restrict my account?

Yes. A legitimately operated and UKGC-regulated sportsbook operator can legally restrict your account if they have cause to do so, such as breaching their rules and policies. They may also restrict your account for other reasons, such as if they suspect you are engaging in matched-betting, arbing, abusing bonuses, or are simply wining too much too often.

Can a bookmaker cancel a winning bet?

Yes. They can cancel a winning bet if they suspect suspicious activity or you are in breach of their rules (e.g. match-fixing, betting on behalf of someone else, bonus abuse, etc.).

Is it illegal not to pay a bet in the UK?

It is illegal for an operator to withhold money that was won fairly. However, it is perfectly legal for a bookmaker in the UK to withhold winnings if the player has broken the T&Cs or is found to have won the bet though fraud or other criminal activity. Of course, if you feel that a bookmaker is holding your winnings without cause, you can file a complaint with the sportsbook, with IBAS, and with the Gambling Commission if your complaint goes unresolved.

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