If you are searching for an online bookmaking site that has innovative ideas then Betfair definitely fits the bill. With its exchanges it really does make your gambling experience that little bit different. In addition they have some fantastic offers available and this really is a site that you can enjoy using.

Company Profile

Betfair was founded in May 1999 by Andrew Black and Ed Wray. They pioneered the betting exchange concept in 2000 and in 2013 launched a fixed odds Sportsbook to offer greater choice to the recreational end of the market. They are now regarded as one of the world’s largest international online sports betting providers. Their Exchange processes more than seven million transactions eery day.

Joining Up

Joining up to the site doesn’t take long at all and the process is fairly straightforward and similar to those for other sites. There’s no need to worry about the banking process at all because every penny is secure and your withdrawals don’t take too long to make their way into your waiting account.

Welcome Bonus

In such a competitive market customers are really being given some attractive welcome bonuses as sites do their best to get new customers. At Betfair they certainly have an attractive bonus that greets you once you have signed up for their site.

Simply place a bet of 10€ on any sportsbook event and win or lose (hopefully win), you’ll be given a 30€ bonus. This is paid to you in three 10€ bonus tokens.


There’s a non-stop flow of promotions available on the Betfair site and it’s one of the main reasons why customers are so delighted with this bookmaker.   Horse racing fans know what a great feeling it is when they back a winner at odds of 3-1 or better. Well if you do that on selected races at Betfair then it’s an even better experience. You’re given a free bet matching the value of your stake up to 25€.

When it comes to the big races Betfair really excel. The Grand National is one of the biggest races out there but isn’t that easy to place an ante-post bet on. There’s always the danger of non-runners but Betfair ensure you can place a risk-free bet with your stake refunded if your selection fails to make it to the starting line. Even better they offer each-way betting on the first five home which for a nighrmare of a race like the Grand National is a massive bonus.

It’s always disappointing when one of your bets goes down but at Betfair all may not be lost. One of their best offers is on football when you place bets on correct score or first, last or anytime goalscorers on selected matches. You can sign up for the promotion and if your bet goes down then you could still get a refund as a free bet (again up to 25€) by choosing one of certain refund triggers that could happen in the match, for example, a penalty being scored or a team winning by a particular score. So all of a sudden you have a different focus on the game as you look for that refund.

We’ve all had accumulators that look as if they are going to pay out and give us a big win and then falter late on. One team lets you down and it’s just so frustrating when that happens. At Betfair they have Acca Insurance and if one of your selections in a five-fold or more lets you down, then you get a refund in the form of a free bet up to the value of 25€.

Another welcome addition to the site is the Price Rush.  Here you can place a bet, take a price and thanks to the Betfair Exchange they automatically check the prices offered by other customers on the Exchange and you may end up being given slightly better odds and that’s never a bad thing is it?

How to place your first bet at Betfair

In this video Betfair shows you how to place your first bet step-by-step:

Betting Opportunities

There’s a whole host of betting opportunities at Betfair with plenty of sports being covered. All the usual suspects are there of course but you can also bet on chess, Aussie Rules, MMA and also special events such as reality TV shows and General Elections. All this means you’ll never be short of anything to place a bet on.

In-Play Betting

With so many events available to place bets on, it’s important that there are always a wide selection of in-play betting opportunities on offer. This is the main reason most people join betting sites because it allows you to place bets during the live game rather than just before it as we were all used to in what seem the dark ages.

By no means do Betfair just cover the top games being played around the world. They supply live in-play opportunities on all levels of sport including midweek afternoon reserve games to under-20 games played in the early hours of the day. A profit is a profit though and as long as you back a winner you won’t really care ifyou’ve just been placing bets on teams you’ve never heard of before.

Also available is the chance to watch live sporting action on Betfair TV. Watching an event you have a bet on always adds more excitement to a bet. But as you’ll read theres no shortage of that when betting at Betfair.

Cash Out

One of the best features on the site is the chance to cash out on your bets during in-play betting. Now this really makes gambling that little bit more exciting. Instead of just placing your bet and hoping it does well, Cash Out gives you the chance to end your bet long before the final whistle blows. You really need to concentrate hard with this bet as the cash out offer can continually change, especially during sports such as tennis where every point is vital.

There will be times with this bet that you beat the bookies as you cash out at a profit while your selection is winning and then see them lose that winning advantage before the end of the game. Then again there are times when you fear your selection isn’t going to win the game, cash out at a loss and then they go and score straight after. It’s a bet that does make betting far more exciting though.

Virtual Sports

Even in the rare moment when there are few live events for you to bet on, virtual sports come to the rescue. There’s a continual flow of races taking place all the time with horse racing from Punterstown, Greyhound Racing from Kennelworth or speedway at Valley Arena (they ran out of corny names by this stage).  One advantage with this type of bet is that there are usually some decent odds on offer even for favourites.


This is where Betfair really made its mark on the betting industry. For decades customers had been used to taking on the bookies and hoping somehow to make a profit.  In 2000 Betfair introduced their Exchange which created a completely diferent battlefield.

Now the customers were given the chance to bet against each other rather than against the bookmaker who made their money through the charging of commission.

This adds a whole new dimension to betting and it’s no wonder that bettiing on the Exchanges is so popular. It takes a little bit of getting used to but once you’ve learned all the basics then it really does give you the chance to gamble in a whole new way. This is a great way to earn some money but you have to be alert and careful unless you want to make what could be a vital mistake


The Betfair site looks great and everything is clear for you to read. Navigating your way around a site that is packed with information is really important. The last thing you want to do is miss out on a winning bet just because you couldn’t remember where to find the relevant event. Simply open up all the sports available to bet on, click on the one you want and you’re there within seconds.


Betfair is one of the best sites around with its innovations helping to reolutionize the betting market.

It’s not all about sportsbetting of course. Betfair offers casino games, slot games bingo and pool betting.